Food and Nutrition

One of the most important factors of early child growth is food and the nutrition it provides. Kids of this age group grow really fast and need vital nutrients to foster that growth. Well-Balanced nutrition will help boost immunity and help the child’s overall physical and mental development.

At ACME Premium Preschool in Gachibowli, Hyderabad, we have an in-house kitchen and chef who is highly experienced in making hygienic and tasty meals for young kids. Under the guidance of our expert nutritionist, the food chart and timetable is prepared to keep in mind the necessary calories, minerals, proteins and vitamins needed for the healthy growth of a student.

Complimentary meals, Evening Snacks, and Refreshments are provided to our students.

The freshly prepared meals will introduce them to different tastes and cuisines. They will enjoy the benefits of healthy eating that keeps them active and energetic all through the day.

Apart from providing tasty and nutritious food, students are also taught good eating habits and table manners. Since kids are messy and chaotic eaters, our teachers will teach them basic etiquettes of tidy eating.

To make the eat times more enjoyable we try to connect the students with their meals through Cooking and Baking Activity where they learn from scratch how to bake cakes and cookies.

They also learn how to share food with their classmates thereby improving their social skills.

Yummy cakes and healthy snacks we eat, Mix n stir n bake it all…How fun is it!