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Progressive education is designed to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of all students. At ACME Preschool, we pride ourselves on meeting the needs of our students who come from both here in Hyderabad and all over the world. We know that one of the parents’ top priorities is to provide their children with the best education possible. Often this means a progressive education where students develop 21st century skills while still achieving the academic excellence required to pass their exams. But is it possible to achieve these two ideals in one learning environment?

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Admission Policy

As a part of ACME Preschool admission process, a general assessment in the form of interaction of child along with parents and Head of Academics is done to evaluate the child’s ability to get comfortable with the development programs offered as a part of the preschool curriculum.

Once the evaluation is over, the same is discussed with the parent and accordingly the admission is done at the discretion of management which is the final decision.

These assessments are helpful in the preparation of customized instruction sets by the teachers so that our students can benefit from the program and be ready for formal school education in the future. The academic year starts in July following the schedule of Indian school academic year.

We encourage the parents to seek admissions well in advance prior to the start of the program in July. However, we are open to admissions round the year and we try our best to accommodate the new admissions with the ongoing program.

ACME Preschool invites admissions for our all little learners and there are no specific criteria for selection of our students except for those who come with a requirement of special education and care.

Age Criteria

Our Age Criteria as per the Grade Levels are as follows:
- Nursery – 2.5 years
- Pre-Kindergarten – 3.5 years
- Kindergarten – 4.5 years

How to Apply

For admissions as well as related queries please call at 9696179999 or send an email to

Why ACME ?

Our ACME Premium Preschool in Gachibowli, Hyderabad has teachers and management with years of professional experience in preschool education and training. The structure and curriculum of ACME preschool are designed based on experience in meeting demands of early childhood education.

Quality of Learning Process
ACME Premium Preschool programs maintain high-quality standards in the room environment, classroom practices, skills-building activities, and educational materials. Teachers are also continuously trained with new teaching methods and techniques to make the programs more efficient.

The learning processes in ACME create opportunities for students to discover new things innovatively through fun and play.

Student-Teacher Interactions
All our teachers at ACME Premium Preschool are friendly towards students maintaining positive interactions with them to meet their emotional, educational and developmental needs. We limit our class group sizes to a minimum so that the teacher can give more personalized attention to every student. A strong bonding in student-teacher relationships has a major influence on the healthy growth of the student.

Relationship with Parents
The staff and management of ACME regularly communicate with parents of students to give progressive reports and feedback of their children. PTMs (Parents Teachers Meetings) are routinely conducted where teachers will share ideas and suggestions with parents to help and support their child’s growth at home. Parents are also updated about the events and activities of the Preschool.

ACME Premium Preschool campus is located in the heart of Gachibowli, Hyderabad with plenty of residences, private offices and schools around. In addition, our 24 hour CCTV surveillance with sophisticated security monitoring system makes sure your child is safe and secure at the school.